Massage therapy and Sports

Sports massage is   indicated as a  pre-competition , to improve athletic performance; and  post-competition  to promote muscle recovery and lactic acid drainage

Massage therapists strongly recommend massage to those who practice sports and professional athletes, to reduce fatigue, to speed up recovery and to promote relaxation of the muscles after use.

In the following article we want to present one of the oldest healing practices that can be applied to subjects suffering from neck pain : neck massage facial in San Antonio, TX

Massage therapy is only one of the possible manual treatment physiotherapy options, and in addition to being one of the most prescribed at a medical level, it is also in great demand by the patients themselves: who among us would not like to undergo a relaxing massage session to reduce muscle tension accumulated? What better cure than a therapeutic massage?

Let’s see together some fundamental characteristics of this manual technique, not before having tested your knowledge of the examined pathology: neck pain.

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How much do you know about neck pain?

Neck pain , or neck pain , occurs as a pain located in the cervical spine, which includes the back of the neck, but can also extend to the shoulders (trapezius muscles), along the entire arm, up to the hand , or it can involve the nape area and the forehead.

The one known as Cervicalgia , mainly affects people between the ages of 40 and 60, and mainly affects women or those who live in the city compared to people who live in agricultural areas.

It can be caused by numerous factors such as: cold temperatures, stress, workplace conditions, trauma, discopathies, cervical arthrosis , whiplash, postural alterations and others.

Some of the symptoms most commonly reported by those suffering from neck pain or neck pain are:

Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders;


Headache (headache);


Tingling or numbness in arms/hands;

Stiffness of the neck and head;

Difficulty moving;

Heaviness of the head;

Visual disturbances.

How can you intervene if you recognize a case of cervicalgia or neck pain ? Depending on the clinical picture, it is possible to distinguish conservative therapies (natural remedies, pharmacological remedies, osteopathic and physiotherapy treatments, oxygen-ozone therapy sessions) and surgical therapies (removal and replacement of the herniated intervertebral disc).