Things You Need To Know about massage therapy

Massage therapy is an alternative medical treatment that has been around for centuries. It’s one of the many ways to treat physical, mental and emotional pain. In this article you’ll learn some history behind massage therapy, as well as what different types of massage are available and what they can do for you!

History of Massage Therapy

One of the first recorded mentions about using physical touch in healing dates back to Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC. Patients would visit the temple priests who would apply oils and perform stretching exercises on diseased areas. The practice gained popularity in China over 2000 years ago during the Tang Dynasty where people would get massages before or after visiting doctors to help them recover faster from illness or injury. The practice continued to spread over the centuries, and today there are many different types of massage.

Different Types of Massage Therapy

There are a variety of different massage techniques that you can choose from. Each one provides unique benefits depending what you’re looking for, but each one is much more effective when performed by a trained professional rather than at home. Here are some of the most common techniques used in massage therapy fredericksburg va.

Things You Need To Know about massage therapy

Swedish Massage – Swedish is one of the most common types of massages today (the word “Swedish” actually refers to the country, not the people). This technique relieves stress and tension by using long, sweeping strokes. It was developed in the late 19th century.

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage is a more intense form of massage that’s used to treat chronic pain and muscle tension. It uses firm pressure across a broader area to help relieve the tension in the muscles and fascia (the connective tissue just below the skin).

Trigger Point Therapy – This type of massage uses direct touch on areas where knots or trigger points are located. When these knots are pressed, it causes inflammation which can help relax your muscles and reduce muscle pain produced during exercise or everyday activities.

Myofascial Release (Myofascial release is a technique used in physiotherapy which can help relieve pain in a large number of muscles and connective tissue (fascia). It’s important to note that this type of massage can be performed by anyone and doesn’t require any special skills.

Electro-therapeutic Massage – This type of massage uses electrical stimulation to help relieve pain and muscle tension. It uses low voltage, pulsed current to activate blood and lymphatic circulation which helps improve blood flow and lymphatic absorption. Electro-therapy also forms a good alternative for those who are unable to tolerate regular massage due to their sensitivity or anxiety issues.